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Lesson Transcript

Hello 大家好!我们又见面了。Welcome to Chinese weekly words with Yinru and this week, let’s see what we will have. We will have direction words, direction words 方向 (fāngxiàng).
First one is: 东(dōng)
东(dōng) is ”east"
太阳从东边升起。(tàiyáng cóng dōngbiān shēngqǐ.)"The sun rises in the east."
北(běi) is ”north"
北京在中国的北边。(Běijīng zài Zhōngguó de běibiān.)"Beijing is in the north of China." That’s why it’s called Beijing - North capital.
里(lǐ) is ”inside"
你的包里有什么东西?(nǐ de bāo lǐ yǒu shénme dōngxi ?)"What do you have in your bag?"
外(wài) is the opposite of 里(lǐ), which means "outside”, 外(wài).
门外有一只小狗。(mén wài yǒu yì zhǐ xiǎogǒu.)"There's a puppy outside the door."
And now we have: 右(yòu)
右(yòu) is ”right"
请靠右边走。(qǐng kào yòubiān zǒu.)"Please keep right when you walk."
And that’s all for direction words and I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you again next time. 下次见! Bye bye 再见!