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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to Chinese weekly words with Yinru, and I am Yinru, as you know. So let’s find out what we will have this week. Ah okay, we will have, Things Your Body Does. What is that? Things Your Body Does.
Okay, well, first one is 出汗(chūhàn)
出汗(chūhàn) is “to sweat”.
我现在正在出汗,因为这里真的很热。(wǒ xiànzài zhèngzài chūhàn , yīnwèi zhèli zhēnde hěn rè.)
It’s true. “I am sweating right now because it’s hot in here” in our recording.
It’s “to cry”. 没事的,别哭了.(méishì de , bié kū le.) "It's ok, stop crying." It’s fine.
Ah next one is 打喷嚏 (dǎ pēnti)
打喷嚏 (dǎ pēnti) is like “to sneeze”
我昨晚打了十个喷嚏.(wǒ zuówǎn dǎ le shíge pēnti.)"I sneezed ten times last night."
Well all right, next one is in Chinese 放屁(fàngpì)
Well, it means “to pass gas”. Oh to make a sentence with that… 刚才是你放屁了吗?(gāngcái shì nǐ fàngpì le ma ?) "Was that you who just passed gas?" Was that you? 是你吗?(shì nǐ ma ?)
吐(tù) is “to spit”, 吐(tù) to spit or spit out something.
这个不能吃,快点吐出来.(zhège bùnéng chī , kuài diǎn tù chūlái.)"You cannot eat that, hurry up and spit it out."
So that’s the end and we had some funny words today and it’s really fun. We had things your buddy does. Okay I hope you remember all of them and I will see you next week on Chinese weekly words. Bye bye 再见!


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