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嗨大家好,我是李殷如. Hài dàjiā hǎo, Wǒ shì Lǐ Yīnrú.
Hi everyone, Yinru Li here.
Can you introduce yourself in Chinese?
Building new connections is important, this is particularly true in the Chinese society.
There are certain phrases that people use in self-introductions to connect with people they meet for the first time. These phrases include:
你好,我叫 ...
我是 ...
我姓 ...
我是 ... 人
In this lesson, you’ll learn about how to use these phrases to make your self-introductions sound native and impressive.
Phrase No. 1: 你好,我叫...nǐhǎo, wǒ jiào...
This is the standard way to greet someone that you meet for the first time and introduce yourself.
你好, 我叫 nǐhǎo, wǒ jiào plus your name.
"Hello, I’m called.." which is the literal translation. Or more naturally "Hello, my name is…"
[slow] 你好,我叫..
This phrase is often followed up with a handshake.
If you’re doing a self-introduction to a group of people, you can replace 你好 with 大家好 dà jiā hǎo, meaning "Hello everybody," [slow] 大家好.
大家好,我叫李殷如。Dà jiā hǎo, wǒ jiào Lǐ Yīnrú.
"Hello everyone, my name is Li Yinru."
[slow] 大家好,我叫李殷如。
Or on informal occasions, you can use your first name only:
大家好,我叫殷如。Dà jiā hǎo, wǒ jiào Yīnrú.
"Hello everyone, my name is Yinru."
[slow] 大家好,我叫殷如。
Another way to tell people who you are is to use the phrase 我是, meaning "I am.." [slow] 我是 Wǒ shì.
After 我是, you can either add your name or your title, such as what you do or your relationship with someone.
For example, I can say: 我是李殷如. Wǒ shì Lǐ Yīnrú.
"I am Yinru Li."
[slow] 我是李殷如.
I can also say, 我是一名老师。Wǒ shì yì míng lǎo shī.
"I am a teacher."
[slow] 我是一名老师。
Or, I can say 我是你们的中文老师. Wǒ shì nǐ men de zhōng wén lǎo shī. "I am your Chinese teacher." [slow] 我是你们的中文老师.
The next phrase is also one way to introduce your name. But more specifically, your family name. 我姓 Wǒ xìng [slow] 我姓
姓 means “family name”. This is often used on formal and business occasions.
For example, if your family name is 吴, you can say 我姓吴。Wǒ xìng Wú. [slow] 我姓吴
This also works for foreign names. Suppose your last name is Smith, you can say 我姓史密斯. Wǒ xìng Shǐ mì sī. [slow] 我姓史密斯
Next is a phrase for you to introduce your nationality, or where you’re from.
我是 + place + 人. Wǒ shì + place + rén
We know 我是 Wǒ shì means "I am" [slow] 我是,
and 人 rén means "person". [slow] 人.
Say you’re from the United States, you say 我是美国人。Wǒ shì Měi guó rén.
美国 means "the US". 美国人 "American".
[slow] 我是美国人。
我是英国人。Wǒ shì Yīng guó rén.
英国 means "UK". 英国人 "British".
[slow] 我是英国人。
Other than country names, you can also put your hometown or home state in this pattern.
Say I’m from Sichuan province, I can say
我是四川人. Wǒ shì Sìchuān rén.
"I’m a Sichuan person" or "I’m from Sichuan."
[slow] 我是四川人.
If I’m from Beijing, I can say
我是北京人。Wǒ shì Běi jīng rén.
"I’m a Beijing person" or "I’m from Beijing."
[slow] 我是北京人。
After introducing who you are, where you are from, and more things about you, you can end your introduction with certain phrases.
One of the commonly used phrases that also shows your humbleness is 请多指教. qǐng duō zhǐ jiāo. [slow] 请多指教
This phrase means "Please give me advice and correct me."
[slow] 请多指教
请 means "please" [slow] 请
多 literally means "a lot" but can be translated as "do" in this context. [slow] 多.
And 指教 means "to teach and guide" or "give advice". 指教.
Together 请多指教. “Please give me advice and correct me.”
The last phrase is used when you’re introduced to someone that you’ve heard about: 久仰. jiǔ yǎng
This phrase means "I’ve heard about you for a long time", and it’s equivalent to "It’s an honor to meet you."
This is a complimentary phrase that is typically used on someone who is more accomplished and known for what they’ve done in a certain field.
[slow] 久仰久仰
Time to recap.
Imagine you’re Jack and you’re from Canada. You’re in a Chinese Classroom. Let’s try to make a short introduction.
First say "Hi everyone, my name is Jack." Can you try?
大家好,我叫Jack. 大家好,我叫Jack.
Now tell them you’re from Canada, which in Chinese is Jiā ná dà [slow] 加拿大
Lastly, end your self introduction by humbly saying "Please give me advice and correct me." The set phrase is...
请多指教。 请多指教。
Now let’s put these three sentences together and make a complete self-introduction.
大家好,我叫Jack. 我是加拿大人。请多指教。
Dà jiā hǎo, Wǒ jiào Jack. Wǒ shì Jiā ná dà rén. Qǐng duō zhī jiāo.
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