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Lesson Transcript

Hēi , dàjiā hǎo , wǒ jiào Mǎ Yànrú .Hi everybody! I’m YanruMa.
Welcome to ChineseClass101.com’s “Sān fēnzhōng Hànyǔ”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Chinese.
In the last lesson, we learned some words used when apologizing in Chinese, including Qǐngwèn and bù hǎo yìsi. In this lesson we are going to learn numbers in Chinese.
Yes, numbers! shùzì! From one to ten. And you are going to learn them in only three minutes, sān fēnzhōng !
Are you ready? Let’s start!
[slowly] yī.
[slowly] èr.
[slowly] sān.
[slowly] sì
[slowly] wǔ
[slowly] liù
[slowly] qī.
[slowly] jiǔ
shí .
[slowly] shí .
Okay, now repeat after me. I'll say the numbers and give you time to repeat each one.
1. yī
2. èr
3. sān
4. sì
5. wǔ
6. liù
7. qī
8. bā
9. jiǔ
10. shí
Great job!
What is before yī? Do you know the word for zero? it’s líng.
[slowly] líng .
You don’t have any more excuses! You can now give your friends your cell phone number in Chinese!
Let’s try it together.
We’ll use the phrase Wǒ de hàomǎ shì ,which means “my number is:”
Wǒ de hàomǎ shì. ,
Can you read it by yourself?
Now it’s time for Yanru’s tips.
When we talk about numbers like telephone numbers, bus numbers and so on, we pronounce 1 as yāo. For example, a bus number one-oh-one, is usually pronounced yāo líng yāo, and you can even use yāo instead of yī when saying phone numbers. Try it when you are in China! I am sure that you will impress people a lot!
Do you know the Chinese word for a hundred? In the next lesson we are going to learn the numbers from eleven to one hundred in Chinese. Your task now is to practice the numbers we studied in this lesson, from yī to shí !
Zài jiàn!


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Hi listeners! Let's practice numbers together!

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你好 robert groulx,

谢谢 for posting and studying with us. If you have any questions, please let us know.😄

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robert groulx
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thank you for th lesson transcript

my favorite number is 8. bā


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Hi Daniel,

Glad to know that you enjoyed the video lesson!

Hope you like the rest of our series. :)



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Those hand signs are going to be useful. Thanks for the video lesson. It would be much more difficult to learn them by just listening.

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Hello Usman Kamboh,

Thank you for posting!

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i have a problem i wanna get chainess notes so who i can get this notes i from pakistan and i love chaina

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Hi, Regie,

Thank you for sharing your feeling with us.

It's so important for us!

And are you able to remember them all?


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Saturday at 02:02 PM
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Memorizing these numbers in Chinese is quite a challenge but with this way of learning, it can be quite fun...