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Lesson Transcript

Hēi , dàjiā hǎo , wǒ jiào Mǎ Yànrú .Hi everybody! I’m YanruMa.
Welcome to ChineseClass101.com’s “Sān fēnzhōng Hànyǔ”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Chinese.
In the last lesson we learned the phrase zhège duō shǎo qián ?’’How much is it?’’ In this lesson let’s see how we could answer that question by counting Renminbi (RMB).in Chinese. In China the currency is the RMB.
Please pay attention to this word's pronunciation.
Let’s try to say prices in Chinese. Start by trying to say "26 Yuan and 5 Jiao."
èrshíliù Yuán wǔ Jiǎo
[slowly] èrshíliù Yuán wǔ Jiǎo .
Yī Yuán equals ten Jiǎo,and yī Jiǎo equals ten Fen. But nowadays,we don’t usually use Fen.So you just need to remember Yuán and Jiǎo .
So this is really straightforward. First, we say the number of Yuan, then Yuan, then the number of Jiao,and then Jiao.
Let’s try another example:
"34 Yuan and 1 Jiǎo"
sānshísì Yuán yī Jiǎo
[slowly] sānshísì Yuán yī Jiǎo
Get ready for the next example.
"99 Yuan and 8 Jiao."
jiǔshíjiǔ Yuán bā Jiǎo
[slowly] jiǔshíjiǔ Yuán bā Jiǎo
That takes a lot of effort to say, doesn’t it! Don’t worry,you can shorten it in this way. You don’t need to say “Jiǎo ”. You can leave it out. When you do this, though, you shouldn’t say Yuán but Kuài instead. So we can change jiǔshíjiǔ Yuán bā Jiǎo to
jiǔshíjiǔ Kuài bā.
[slowly]jiǔshíjiǔ Kuài bā
Now it’s time for Yanru’s Insights.
Actually Kuài is a very common saying and you can use it almost everywhere in China although it is not formal. People seldom say Yuan but it’s always used in writing or a in formal occasions.
You should ask your friends in China if they want to go shopping with you. That will make it easy to practice these phrases! But first you’ll have to check if they have other plans or not. Do you know how to ask that in Chinese? If not, I’ll see you in the next lesson!
Zàijiàn !