Lesson Transcript

You want to learn the language but, it's hard to find effective lessons that are made by real teachers and that actually build on top of each other—where you're learning new things and reviewing what you’ve already learned.
Well, that's exactly how our audio and video lessons inside our learning program work.
How to Learn Language Fast with Audio &Video Lessons: 4 Tricks Inside
In this guide, you'll discover
One: How to learn practical conversations in just minutes
Two: 4 tips that’ll help you absorb the language and master lessons fast
And Three: how to get our brand new lessons for free.
But first, if you don't yet have access to our learning program. Click the link down in the description and sign up for your free lifetime account right now.
First: So, what makes these language lessons so effective?
Each lesson is around 3 to 15 minutes in length making it super easy to breeze through and absorb the language.
You're not reading walls of text… but listening to actual native speakers teach you a language. Just press play to start. First, you hear a practical conversation. Then, you hear it again slowly with translations. Then, our teachers explain the vocabulary, grammar points, and cultural nuances. Finally, you hear the conversation one last time, and at this point, you understand a LOT more than you did the first time you heard the lesson. Which is exciting for a language learner - especially when you didn't understand anything before.
And, you can even start speaking… if you repeat along. All of this takes just a few minutes.
Then, mark the lesson as complete and move on to the next lesson in our learning pathway, where you'll learn even more and get to review some of the words and grammar points from prior lessons.
Two: There are a few special tips and tricks you can do to master the lessons even faster
You can read along with our free lesson transcript so that you can pick apart every word that you hear.
You can immerse yourself with the Premium dialogue track - that gives you just the conversation - with no translations.
If you have a question, you can leave a comment on the lessons, and our teachers will respond.
And you can replay and review the lesson as much as you want, so you can learn at your own pace.
So, how do you get access to the lessons?
You get the lessons the moment you sign up for a free lifetime account and set your level.
Based on your level, you'll get a learning pathway of lessons that are right for you.
Just start there, with lesson 1.
You can also access your next lesson on the dashboard.
And you can learn on the go, for example, on a walk, on your way to work, or while waiting in line at the store. with our free app.
And as an extra bonus, you get our newest lessons for free.
We release 3 to 4 new lessons a week…
So you get new lessons every week, non-stop.
Find them inside the Lessons Dropdown menu, in Newest Lessons or inside the menu, on the app.
But first, if you don't yet have access to our learning program…
Click the link down in the description and sign up for your free lifetime account right now.