Lesson Transcript

Is it possible to cheat your way into speaking, reading, and writing in your target language?
It is… that is, if you have our PDF language cheat sheets.
How to Practice Speaking, Reading &Writing with the PDF Cheat Sheets
And today, you’ll discover…
One, How you can add more language to your brain without spending time looking up words in a dictionary.
And Two, How to improve your speaking, reading and writing with the Cheat Sheets
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What are PDF Cheat Sheets?
Our Cheat Sheets are a quick way to improve your language skills, without having to study for hours or spend time looking up words in a dictionary. With every cheat sheet, you get a basic dialog and must-know words and phrases for common topics like hobbies, weather, talking about your day, and much more. And there are over 30 cheat sheets, that you can download for free on our site, if you’re a member.
But, how can you improve your language with the cheat sheet? Let’s take a look.
1. How to Practice Speaking
Every cheat sheet comes with a quick, practical dialog that you can use when you chat with native speakers. But you can also practice speaking ahead of time. Just read the dialogs out loud a few times a day and you’ll get used to saying these lines.
Reading out loud is one tried and tested tactic for improving your speaking skills. And when you get a chance to speak with a native speaker, you’ll be able to say these lines naturally.
2. How to Practice Reading
You can also practice reading by simply reading through the cheat sheet, the key dialogue, and the words and phrases inside. Just download the PDF to your phone or computer and read through whenever you have a few moments. Or, you can print out the cheat sheets and read through them as well.
3. How to Practice Writing
The easiest way to practice writing is to simply copy out the words on the cheat sheet into a notebook.
You can also print out the cheat sheet and write on them directly. And as a bonus, you get to remember all of the words and phrases better. Whichever skill you want to practice, be sure to do it a few times a day, every day, for the language to really stick.
Or, just the cheat sheets to cheat and get the must-know words for a topic you want to talk about.
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