Lesson Transcript

Ever listen to a song on repeat, until the lyrics get stuck in your head? Well, you can do just that with language learning.
Listening to your target language on repeat is a guaranteed way to get the language stuck in your head.
Just imagine. You hit play, and sit back and listen to the most common words and phrases, on loop, until they’re stuck in your head without having to do much else.
Does this work? And how can you do this? Stick around.
How to Review Words on Repeat &Learn Fast with This Study Tool
In this guide, you'll discover
One, A special free study tool that does the repetition for you
Two, How to get words and phrases stuck in your head
And Three, And how to practice speaking in your target language
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First, how can you start listening to your target language on repeat?
If you’re learning with our system. Then you already have access to something called the Vocabulary Slideshow which helps you do just that. And picture this… you could be walking to the store, going to work, or lying on the couch. Listening to words and phrases on repeat with the Vocabulary Slideshow. There are no ads to interrupt you, like you have on YouTube.
And you come out knowing and speaking more of your target language without doing much work. And this approach works because it’s repetition, a powerful way to learn almost anything. Except, the Vocabulary Slideshow does all the repetition for you.
And you’ll find the Vocabulary Slideshow inside our Free Vocabulary Lists and in our Audio Lessons. So, if you visit a Vocabulary List, look for the Slideshow button at the top. And if you’re on a lesson, scroll down to the vocabulary section and click Slideshow.
Second, how can you listen to your target language on repeat with this?
First, pick a free vocabulary or phrase list. You’ll get hundreds of lists based on common topics like asking and answering “how are you,” winter vocabulary, talking about your day, and more. Just pick a list of phrases you want to learn. When you open the list and click on the Slideshow button. Make sure to check the "loop playback" option. You can also exclude the translation audio, so you can listen to just your target language and then start the slideshow and it’ll play on repeat.
If you want to practice speaking and shadowing the words, make sure the slideshow is set to slow. So you get plenty of time in between words. Otherwise, If you set it to "fast," there won’t be much time in between, which is also good, if you just want to drill the words until they’re stuck in your head.
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