Lesson Transcript

There’s one simple study tool that will help you speak more of your target language. It will help you understand entire conversations and catch every single word. It will also help you respond in conversations. The tool is the dialogue study tool. It will help you with all of these, and will help you improve your reading and writing skills.
In this video we’ll look at how the Dialog Study Tool can aid your language learning.
1. What is the Dialog Study Tool?
The Dialog Study Tool is a premium study tool that you can find in every lesson.
The Dialog Tool is a line-by-line breakdown of the conversations in your lessons. You get the dialog script in the target language. You get the romanized version, the translated script, audio pronunciations, and access to a voice recorder for each line.
2. Why is the Tool so Powerful?
For example, let's look at how you can use it to improve your speaking skills. When you listen to a lesson, use the dialog to read along. As you listen, speak out loud along with the lesson. Repeat what you hear.
The Dialog Tool makes mastering conversations super easy. It breaks down the lesson conversations one line at a time. You can use it to make sure you understand every line, phrase, and word without getting overwhelmed. And you can also use it to perfect your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.
If you’re not sure about how to say something, you can click on the audio icon next to the line, to hear it spoken by a native speaker. Then, repeat out loud. You can do this as many times as you want. To perfect your pronunciation, click on the microphone icon to start recording, record yourself saying a line and compare your pronunciation to the pronunciation of a native speaker.
These tactics will get you speaking in minutes, and if you apply these to every lesson, you'll be speaking your target language in no time. But what about listening?
Since the dialog is a line-by-line breakdown of the conversation, you can listen to each line separately, as much as you want. Just click on the audio icon. You can listen again and again and review the script.
Read along with the script, so you can catch every word. This will help you understand fast, native-level conversations, without missing anything.
Reading is another skill to improve with the Dialog Tool. As you listen to the conversation, just read along with the lesson script that’s inside the lesson dialog.
If you don’t know a word, click the translations that are in the dialogue. You can even read with the romanized script to help you sound out the words.
Lastly, let’s talk about how it can help boost writing skills. This is a very simple, basic suggestion. Just write the dialog down in a notebook, by hand. Just writing down the dialog provided, gives you a chance to practice using letters or words you might never have written before. This is especially true if you’re studying a language that uses an alphabet or a script you’re unfamiliar with.
Another benefit is that it gives you things to write. Instead of taking time to think about “what to write...” you can just write the dialog down. The Dialog Tool can support your studies in many different ways and this makes it a powerful aid for your language learning.
The Dialog Study Tool is designed to help all areas of language studies. So, to get started learning with it, check out our complete language learning program. Sign up for your free lifetime account by clicking on the link in the description. Get tons of resources to have you speaking in your target language. And if you enjoyed these tips, hit the "like" button, share the video with anyone who's trying to learn a new language, and subscribe to our channel. We release new videos every week! I'll see you next time. Bye!