Lesson Transcript

Want to perfect your pronunciation... and speak like a native?
The best way to do this is...
One: Listen to a native speaker...
Two: Repeat what they say...
And three, the most important part: Compare yourself against their pronunciation.
In fact... mimicking a native speaker like this, which is called “shadowing,”... is a powerful way to master your speaking.
And you can do this all with the Voice Recorder inside of our learning program.
But first, if you don’t yet have access to our program…
Sign up for a free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description.
So, what makes the Voice Recorder so powerful?"
First, You can instantly spot the differences between yourself and the native speaker.
How? The voice recorder records you and then compares your speaking to the native speaker.
Just record and listen.
Once you know what you need to change to sound perfect you can adjust your speaking and your pitch until you match the native speaker.
Second, you get to practice speaking the most common words and phrases.
In other words, you won’t be learning to say random words and phrases.
Our lessons teach you practical, everyday conversations like… introducing yourself, ordering food at a restaurant, talking about where you’re from, and more.
The kind of conversations you will have with native speakers.
And our vocabulary lists teach you the must-know words and phrases for all kinds of topics - holidays, slang, the many ways to say “hello,” and more.
So, how do you use the Voice Recorder?
You’ll find the Voice Recorder in our lessons and vocabulary lists.
Just look for the microphone icon.
With our lessons, scroll down to the dialogue section.
The dialogue section is a line-by-line breakdown of the lesson conversation.
Next to each line, click on the microphone icon to open the Voice Recorder for that line.
First, listen to the native speaker’s pronunciation...
Then, click on the round “record” icon to record yourself.
And finally, play the two tracks to compare...
Successful learners practice one line 3 to 4 times to fully master the pronunciation.
Now, if you’re using our free vocabulary phrase lists…
You’ll find the microphone icon next to each word or phrase.
Again, click on the icon to record and compare yourself to the native pronunciation.
So, if you want to speak like a native with perfect pronunciation...
Take advantage of this Voice Recorder...which is available in every lesson and vocabulary list
But if you don’t yet have access… sign up for a free lifetime account right now.
Just click the link in the description to sign up.