Lesson Transcript

If you want to learn your target language with our learning program, and if you’re wondering which plan to choose…
Then today, you'll discover how our Premium Plan helps you master the language with
One clear learning pathway to follow (which makes sticking with learning easier than ever)
Special lessons that get you speaking &understanding conversations in minutes… From beginner to advanced
And over 15 study tools that will lock the language into your brain"
But first, if you don't have access to our language learning program, sign up for a free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description to get your free lifetime account.
Now, how does the Premium plan help you learn a language faster?
One: You get one simple learning pathway of lessons to follow
If you've always felt that language learning is overwhelming because there's so much to do— reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary—and there's no clear path to take, well, you're not wrong.
So, that's exactly why you get ONE learning pathway with our program.
The learning pathway is simply a pathway of lessons for you to take.
Meaning, you now have a clear path to follow—instead of wondering about how you should learn the language, or what to do next.
Just follow the pathway, take the lessons, and complete the assessments. From lesson 1, to 2, to 3, and from the absolute beginner level up to advanced.
Now, let's talk about the lessons themselves.
Second: You learn the language fast with audio/video lessons...
which means you won't be reading walls of text here.
Our audio and video lessons are easy to finish and allow you to absorb the language as you listen or watch. Plus, you get exposed to native speech, something you won't get in textbooks.
So, press play on a lesson. You'll learn a practical conversation, get every word and grammar rule explained by our teachers, and start speaking in minutes.
All of this takes minutes because lessons are just a few minutes long, so you can learn fast and in small blocks of time—whether on your computer, or with our app (if you're on the go).
The lessons alone are enough to get you speaking, but to make sure you practice and retain the language, you can use our study tools!
Third: You get 15+ premium study tools that lock the language into your memory ...and help you learn faster.
Here's a small taste of what you can do.
You can:
-Practice speaking and perfect your pronunciation with the Voice Recorder.
-Reach conversational fluency with our 2,000 Most Common Words List
-Master words and phrases FAST with our spaced-repetition flashcards.
-Read along with the lesson notes to help the grammar rules sink in faster
-Understand everything instantly with the translations
-Sharpen your listening skills with the Line by Line Audio for each lesson.
-Immerse yourself in native conversations with the Dialog Tracks
-Test yourself on what you've learned with Assessments
-And much more.
So, if you want to learn your target language, and if you don't have access to our learning program, then sign up for a free lifetime account right now. Just click the link in the description to get your free lifetime account, and you'll get a free 7-day trial to our premium plan.