Lesson Transcript

Want to learn your target language with our learning program?
Wondering which plan to choose?
Today, you'll discover how our Premium PLUS plan helps you master the language with
-Complete Access to our Self-Learning Program
-As well as…
-1-on-1 access to your own teacher
-language assessment
-Ongoing Assignments
But first, if you don't have access to our language program, sign up for an account right now. Just click the link in the description to get started.
Now, how does the Premium PLUS plan help you learn a language faster?
One, you get complete access to our Self-Learning Program
Which includes audio and video lessons, app access, and over 15 Premium study tools such as My Flashcards, the Voice Recorder, and Line-by-Line Dialogue breakdowns.
So, when you sign up and set your learning level we give you a pathway of lessons, that you can take anywhere, anytime with our app, or on your computer and extra study tools to help you master the lessons and retain the language.
But, if you’re the type of person who learns better with a teacher… or if you just want to get feedback then you get just that with the Premium Plus plan.
Two, With Premium PLUS, you get 1-on-1 access to your own teacher.
Whom you can learn from, at your own pace, anywhere, anytime…
without being bound to the teacher’s schedule.
So, when you log in, look for the My Teacher Messenger on the site or access it inside the app.
With the My Teacher Messenger, you can interact as much as you want with your teacher and ask language questions, practice writing, and get corrections and feedback
You can even practice your speaking skills.
Send recordings of yourself speaking to your teacher for feedback.
In fact, one of the first things you’ll have to do is write or record a self-introduction.
Your teacher will send you corrections and advice on your pronunciation. So that you can introduce yourself perfectly.
Three, we personalize your learning experience… based on your goals and needs.
Just like with real language schools...
The moment you join, you take an initial assessment test, which covers all areas - listening, reading, writing and speaking.
The goal is to understand your strengths and weaknesses...so your teacher can design a personalized learning plan just for you.
Four, you get ongoing assessments and assignments.
It’s hard to motivate and push yourself to improve… when you’re learning on your own.
It’s much easier when you have a teacher to motivate you.
So, that’s why your teacher sends you weekly assignments which you’ll find in the My Teacher Messenger
Inside your recommended learning pathway, you’ll also see multiple-choice assessments… and hand-graded assessments…
which test you on the words and grammar rules you’ve learned in the prior lessons."
And… the hand-graded assessments are graded by real teachers, so you can get feedback on what you got wrong… and how to improve.
So, if you want to learn your target language faster with the Premium PLUS Plan, then click the link in the description right now.