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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome! I’m Yuting. Today I'm going to talk about New Year’s Day. We have a three-day break as the public holiday in China, how about your country? Ok, let's begin!
1. 元旦 (Yúandàn) "New Year's Day"
(Yuándàn zà Zhōngguó qíshí bútài zhòngyào. Yīnwèi Chūnjié mǎshàng jiùyào láile!) "New Year's Day is not so important in China, because the spring festival is coming. "
2. 新年卡片 (Xīnnián kǎpiàn) "New year's card"
请你收下我的新年卡片。 (Qǐng nǐ shōuxià wǒ de Xīnnián kǎpiàn.) "This is my New Year's card."
New year's card is really popular among high school students, but after my high school I’ve never received a New year's card.
3. 倒数计时 (dàoshǔ jìshí) "countdown"
我们一起来倒数计时吧!(Wǒmen yìqǐ lái dàoshǔ jìshí ba!) "Let's begin to count down together."
五!四!三!二!一! (wǔ! sì! sān! èr! yī!)
Happy New Year! 新年快乐!(Xīnnián kuàilè!)
4. 打折 (dǎzhé) "discounts"
你知道吗?现在许多商场打折呢。(Nǐ zhīdào ma? xiànzài xǔduō shāngchǎng dǎzhé ne.) "Do you know that? Lot’s of shopping malls have discount?”
哦?是吗?在哪儿呢?我们走吧!(ó? shì ma? zài nǎr ne? wǒmen zǒu ba!) “Oh, really? Where is it? Let's go!”
So lots of ladies like me will rush to the shop mall.
打折,快跑!(dǎzhé, kuài pǎo!) “Discounts, run quickly!”
No, no, no.
嗨,打折吗? (hài, dǎzhé ma?) (“Hello, are there discounts?”)
5. 烟花 (yānhuā) "fireworks"
烟花好浪漫呀! (Yānhuā hǎo làngmàn yā!) "Fireworks are so romantic!"
Ok! that’s all for today. Today we learns several words related to the New Year’s Day. Ok, as always, don't forget to subscribe. Bye-bye, see you next time! Happy New Year!

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