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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Today our topic is the International Women's Day! The International Women's Day in China, we have half day off for women just home. Hehehe! Okay, let's look at some words maybe you can use in this state. Let's begin!
1. 国际妇女节 (guójì fùnǚ jié) “International Woman's Day”
国际妇女节 “guójì fùnǚ jié “International Woman's Day”.
你们国家有国际妇女节吗(Nǐmen guójiā yǒu guójì fùnǚ jié ma?) “Do you have the International Women's Day in your country?”
2. 三八妇女节 (sān bā fùnǚ jié) "Three Eight Woman's Day"
三八妇女节 (sān bā fùnǚ jié) "Three Eight Woman's Day"
It’s so weird. Why the steak has 38? Because this day is on March 8, March in Chinese is a 三月 (sān yuè). So it’s called 三八妇女节 (sān bā fùnǚ jié).
「三八妇女节」在中国更常用。 (“Sānbā fùnǚ jié” zài zhōngguó gèng chángyòng.) "The name of "Three eight Woman's Day" is more common in China."
3. 放假半天 (fàngjià bàntiān) "half-day holiday".
放假半天 (fàngjià bàntiān) "half-day holiday". Half day holiday! Yeah!
你放假半天想要去干什么?(Nǐ fàngjià bàntiān xiǎng yào qù gànshénme?) "What do you want to do for the half-day holiday?" Hahahaha! Of course, shopping!
4. 美女节 (měinǚ jié) "Beauty's Day" 美女节 (měinǚ jié) "Beauty's Day” because in Chinese 女人 (nǚ rén) "woman" is some words that the ladies won't like, because 女人 (nǚ rén) "woman" means you don't have work. Maybe you don’t have work and you have kids. So, we will use Beauty Day. All the beauties!
在中国「美女节」这个名字比「三八妇女节」更流行。 (Zài zhōngguó "měinǚ jié" zhège míngzì bǐ “sānbā fùnǚ jié” gèng liúxíng.) "In China, the name of "Beauty's Day" is more popular than the "Three Eight Woman's Day"."
5. 礼物 (lǐ wù) "gift"
在妇女节这一天女人会得到许多礼物。 (Zài fùnǚ jié zhè yītiān nǚrén huì dédào xǔduō lǐwù.) "On the "Woman's Day", women will get a lot of gifts. From many men, from the boss, from the company and the from husband, of course. And from the children.
Okay, that’s all for today. Today, we learned several words relate to the International Women's Day! Okay, guys could you please tell me how you get to celebrate this day in your country? Please comment below. I'm really curious and also thank you always. Don't forget to subscribe. See you next time. I will see you there. Bye bye!