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Lesson Transcript

Do you see my muscles? Mmm… That's how about today. Hi, everyone! I'm Yuting. Today our topic is the Labor Day. Eight years ago, we still have one week for holiday but in 2007 government cuts the holiday to three days away. Just have three days for holiday. Okay, let's begin!
Look at some words maybe you can use for this day. Let’s start it!
1. 劳动节 (láodòng jié) "Labor Day"
许多国家都有劳动节。 (Xǔduō guójiā dōuyǒu láodòng jié.) "Lots of countries have Labor Day."
How do you guys celebrate the Labor Day? Do you do some labor work to celebrate date?
2. 劳模 (láo mó) "model worker"
劳模 (láo mó) is an abbreviation of 劳动模范 (láodòng mófàn). 劳模是至高无上的荣誉。 (Láomó shì zhìgāowúshàng de róngyù.) "Model worker is a great honor."
劳模 (láo mó) is someone like, “you’re very hard-working”. So in this day, sometimes the company and also the nation, the government, will you like to some person who did the great effort and great work for the company for the whole society. This person is a model for every citizen. So he will get the grit, glory, and honor.
劳动模范是崇高的荣誉。 (Láodòng mófàn shì chónggāo de róngyù.) "Model worker is a high glory."
3. 人满为患 (rén mǎn wéi huàn) "overcrowded"
在劳动节期间到处都人满为患。 ( Zài láodòng jié qíjiān, dàochù dōu rénmǎnwéihuàn.) "In Labor Day Holiday, everywhere is overcrowded.” That’s true because we still have three days holiday. So some people will want a shot trip.
4. 旅游胜地 (lǚ yóu shèng dì) "tourist destination"
北京附近有好多旅游胜地。 (Běijīng fùjìn yǒu hǎoduō lǚyóu shèngdì.) “There are a lot of tourist destinations around Beijing.” So you just have 3 days, you can go to Shanghai or Hainan. It's too far away, so you can try all around the city.
5. 表彰大会 (biǎo zhāng dà huì) "commendation congress"
This congress was said it for the reason that the government, want to comment some people is really hard-working. So they said this congress this meeting to convince them.
表彰大会明天举行。 (Biǎozhāng dàhuì míngtiān jǔxíng.) "Commendation congress will be held tomorrow."
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