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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Here is Yuting, as always! Today our topic is Dragon Boat Festival. So let's begin! Let's look like at words related to this festival that you can use on this day. Let’s start it!
1. 端午节 (Duān wǔ jié) "Dragon Boat Festival"
端午节是在农历五月五号。 (Duānwǔ jié shì zài nónglì wǔ yuè wǔ hào.) "Dragon Boat Festival is on May 5th of the lunar calendar."
2. 龙舟 (lóng zhōu) "dragon boat"
龙舟 (lóng zhōu) "Dragon Boat". Hahaha! Of course, it’s all about the dragon boat festival.
在端午节我们每年都要举行划龙舟比赛。 (Zài duānwǔ jié wǒmen měinián dōu yào jǔxíng huà lóngzhōu bǐsài.)
"During the Dragon Boat Festival, we will organize dragon boat races every year."
Dragon boat!
3. 粽子 (zòng zi) "glutinous rice-pudding"
It’s not like pudding; it’s more like dumpling, and maybe like this one. Here is my 粽子 (zòng zi).
粽子有很多口味。 (Zòngzi yǒu hěnduō kǒuwèi.) "Glutinous rice-puddings have lots of flavors."
We have the sweet one and the salty one. In the north part of China, we eat the sweet one 甜粽子 (tián zòngzi). And it the south of China, we eat the salty one, 咸粽子 (xián zòngzi).
4. 艾叶 (ài yè) "Argy wormwood leaf"
艾叶可以用来包粽子。 (Àiyè kěyǐ yòng lái bāo zòngzi.) "Argy wormwood leaves can be used to wrap the glutinous rice-pudding." And also, 艾叶可以用来驱蚊。 (Àiyè kěyǐ yòng lái qū wén.) This kind of leaf can be used to drive away mosquitoes.
5. 屈原 (Qū Yuán) "Qu Yuan"
屈原是伟大的诗人和政治家。 (Qū Yuán shì wěidà de shīrén hé zhèngzhì jiā.) "Qu Yuan is a great poet and politician."
Okay, that's all for today! Today we learned several words relate to the Dragon Boat Festival. I like this one, pudding, most, because its food. It's a glutinous rice pudding. I like the salty one, and also I like the sweet one, they have them both Dragon Boat. Okay, which one would you like? Please comment below and as always don't forget to subscribe. See you next time. Bye bye!