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Lesson Transcript

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Hey guys, today’s lesson is straightforward. We are building your skills with numbers. You are going to need numbers all the time in China. So let’s get to it. The numbers we are going through today are 100 through 1000. So guys, remember when you are in China, the exchange rate is about 8 Yuan to USD1. So 100s and 1000s are going to be very useful when you are renting hotel rooms, buying train tickets and actually you will end up paying over 100 Yuan for many, many things including souvenirs, paintings, things like that. So let’s get to it. So the word for 100 is 百(bǎi), third tone. One more time, 百(bǎi), last time, 百(bǎi). Chinese is a very logical language. So all you have to do is take the numbers 1 through 9 which we learned earlier and put them in front of this word I just said which means 100. So to say 300 you just put the word 3 in front of 100. The word for 3 if you remember is 三(sān) and the word for 100 like I just said is 百(bǎi). So putting them together it’s 三百(sān bǎi) and now if we break it down literally, it’s the same as English, 300. Makes sense, doesn’t it guys? Let’s go over really, really quickly the numbers 1 through 9. You are ready? This is going to be fast. 1 一(yī) first tone flat tone, 2 二(èr) fourth tone falling tone, 3 三(sān) first tone flat tone, 4 四(sì) fourth tone, falling tone, 5 五(wǔ) third tone, falling rising tone, 6 六(liù) fourth tone falling tone, 7 七(qī) first tone, flat tone, 8 八(bā) first tone, flat tone, 9 九(jiǔ) third tone, falling rising tone. So was that too fast guys? Aren’t you glad you can rewind and playback? Sorry but we don’t have that much time in every lesson. Now let’s put these together with the word for 100. The way you say 100 is you combine 1 and 100 一百(yī bǎi), first tone and then third tone [一(yī) will change to the fourth tone "yì" before a non-fourth tone word, so 一百 pronounces "yì bǎi"], 一百(yì bǎi). 200 二百(èr bǎi), fourth tone, third tone, 二百(èr bǎi). 300 三百(sān bǎi), first tone, third tone, 三百(sān bǎi). 400 四百(sì bǎi), fourth tone, third tone, 四百(sì bǎi). 500 五百(wǔ bǎi). Now this one is a little bit complicated. 2/3rd tones in a row, so it becomes second tone, then third tone, 五百(wú bǎi). 600 六百(liù bǎi), fourth tone, third tone, 六百(liù bǎi). 700 七百(qī bǎi), first tone, third tone, 七百(qī bǎi). 800 八百(bā bǎi), first tone, third tone, 八百(bā bǎi). 900 again complicated 九百(jiǔ bǎi) second tone, third tone. It was two-third tones in a row but we changed the first one to a second tone, 九百(jiú bǎi). That’s it for the 100s guys. Hope that wasn’t too fast but again you can play it back. Now we are going to do the word for 1000. The word for 1000 is 千(qiān), first tone, the flat tone, 千(qiān). Sorry but that’s all the time we have for today but just a hint about the next lesson. It’s going to work kind of the same as this one.
All right, to close our today’s lesson, we’d like you to practice what we’ve just learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of a phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 加油(Jiā yóu!) 100 一百(yì bǎi), 200 二百(èr bǎi), 300 三百(sān bǎi), 400 四百(sì bǎi), 500 五百(wǔ bǎi), 600 六百(liù bǎi), 700 七百(qī bǎi), 800 八百(bā bǎi), 900 九百(jiú bǎi), 1000 千(qiān).
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