Lesson Transcript

If you want to learn the language fast, there are some little-known learning hacks that you can use with our system.
Five learning hacks that you didn't know about.
And in this quick guide, you'll discover:
1. How to understand and pick up on every word with the read-along method
2. How to improve your speaking and pronunciation with one tool
3. How to immerse yourself in native dialogues and much more
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Ever listen to a conversation between native speakers and wish you could follow along with a transcript?
Well, you can.
In fact, listening and reading along is a popular learning hack for mastering a language.
You pick up on every word, you improve your listening skills, reading skills, and engage multiple senses at once, which improves recall, and you can do just that with our lessons.
On every lesson page, you get the complete word-for-word transcript to read along with.
Shadowing is another popular language learning trick, and it's where you repeat what you hear as a way to improve your speaking skills.
So as you're taking our lessons, you can shadow the lesson conversation.
And you can do this easily with the line by line audio dialogue, which breaks up the conversation into individual lines. Just press play on the audio to listen and then repeat.
You can also use the pronunciation practice tool to compare yourself to native speakers. Just press the microphone icon, record yourself speaking the line, and then you can hear how your pronunciation compares to the native speaker.
The dialogue tracks give you just the conversation of the lessons, no translations, so that you can review the conversations without retaking lessons.
And if you're learning with our app, you can just set the dialogue tracks on autoplay and immerse yourself in different types of dialogues, boost your listening skills, and drill all the conversations into your brain.
Go into the settings on the app and in autoplay, make sure autoplay is on. Turn on dialogue, turn off the other tracks, also set play next lessons to on and the app will do the rest for you.
Now if you're not sure whether you're getting the most out of the lesson or not, well if you follow our lesson checklists you'll walk away knowing more of the language guaranteed.
This premium PDF can be found inside the PDF download section of the lesson and gives you bonus tips to follow. Just print out the checklist and fill it out with every lesson.
The word bank is kind of like your extended brain, where you can save words and phrases that you come across to the word bank. So you review them later.
Just look for the word bank in the vocabulary menu on the site.
But what's cool is you can also create printable study sheets for your words and phrases as well. Just click on "Printer Friendly Version," you can also click "Export Word Bank" if you've organized and labeled your words into categories such as verbs and adjectives, you can select that label and export it as a PDF, then print the file out. You can write on it and keep it as physical study material.
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