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Lesson Transcript

Taiwanese Mandarin Survival Phrases Lesson 14: Lower the Price Please!
In this lesson, you will learn how to negotiate prices at the market.
First, we’ll look at the first phrase meaning “Too expensive.”
In Chinese this is 太貴了(Tài guì le).
Let’s break it down by tone:
太(tài) is in fourth tone.
貴(guì) is also in fourth tone.
了(le) has no tone
Now, let’s break it down by meaning:
太(tài) means "too."
貴(guì) means "expensive."
了(le) is added for emphasis.
This phrase means “too expensive!” with a strong emphasis.
Altogether, we have 太貴了(Tài guì le)
Listen again, one more time, slowly:
[Slow] 太貴了(Tài guì le)
[Normal] 太貴了(Tài guì le)
Next, we’ll look at a phrase meaning “a little cheaper.”
In Chinese, this is 便宜一點(Piányi yīdiǎn)!
Now let’s break it down by tone:
便(pián) is in the second tone.
宜 (yi) is has no tone.
一(yī) is in first tone.
點(diǎn) is in third tone.
Remember that 一(yī) has special pronunciation rules, so 一點(yī diǎn) is pronounced as yì diǎn. When you have 一(yī) before a non-fourth tone, its pronunciation will become fourth tone.
So here you have the flat tone 一(yī) and then the falling rising tone 點(diǎn). Altogether it’s 一點(yī diǎn).
Let’s break it down by meaning:
便宜(pián yi) means "cheap."
一點(yī diǎn) means "a little".
When translated to English, this phrase means “a little cheaper.”
Altogether, we have 便宜一點(Piányi yīdiǎn)!
Listen again, one more time, slowly:
[Slow] 便宜一點(Piányi yīdiǎn)!
[Normal] 便宜一點(Piányi yīdiǎn)!