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Lesson Transcript

Taiwanese Mandarin Survival Phrases Lesson 18: Riding the Metro
Many people in Taiwan take the metro. In this lesson, you will learn useful words for riding the metro.
Here are some helpful terms:
悠遊卡(yōu yóu kǎ) is the name of the electronic wallet, known as the EasyCard.
捷運(jié yùn) means “metro.”
捷(Jié) means "rapid.”
運(yùn) means "transport.”
票(piào) is the word for metro ticket.
儲值(Chǔ zhí) means "top up” when you add value to your EasyCard
Your EasyCard can be used as an electronic wallet and will be useful when taking the bus, the metro, or even a YouBike. You can also use this to pay for items at a convenience store.
If you want to say, “I would like to top up the EasyCard,” you can say
(Wǒ xiǎng yào chǔ zhí yōu yóu kǎ).


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