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Lesson Transcript

Taiwanese Mandarin Survival Phrases Lesson 19: Taking a Taxi
In this lesson, you will learn useful phrases for taking a taxi, including giving directions to get to your destination.
In Chinese, 到(dào) means "to arrive.”
We can put 到(dào) in front of a location to say we want to go to that place.
For example, to say, “I want to go to Taipei Main Station,” you can say 到(dào) plus the name of the station. 到台北車站(Dào Táiběi chē zhàn).
The word “station” will always come before the city name.
Here is another example:
In the city 台中(Táizhōng), you would say 台中車站(Táizhōng chē zhàn).
Let’s break it down by tone:
到(dào) is in fourth tone.
台北(Táiběi) is second tone and third tone
車站(chē zhàn) is first tone and fourth tone.
Let’s break it down by meaning:
到(dào) means “to arrive”
台北(Táiběi) is Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.
車站(chē zhàn) is the word for station.
站(zhàn) alone can also mean station.
Altogether, we have 到台北車站(Dào Táiběi chē zhàn).
Listen again, one more time, slowly:
[Slow] 到台北車站(Dào Táiběi chē zhàn).
[Normal] 到台北車站(Dào Táiběi chē zhàn).
In Chinese, if you want to say, “I want to go to...” you can say 我想去(Wǒ xiǎng qù).
Let’s break it down by tone:
我(Wǒ) is in third tone
想 (xiǎng) is in third tone
去 (qù) is in fourth tone.
Remember when we have two third tones in a row, the first one becomes a second, rising tone.
Altogether, we have 我想去(Wó xiǎng qù)...
Listen again, one more time, slowly:
[Slow] 我想去(Wó xiǎng qù)...
[Normal] 我想去(Wó xiǎng qù)...

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