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Wednesday at 06:30 PM
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Tuesday at 08:13 PM
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Hello Susi,

Thank you for your comment. Both ็”ต่„‘ and ่ฎก็ฎ—ๆœบ can mean computer. ็”ต่„‘ generally refers to desktops, laptops, etc., ่ฎก็ฎ—ๆœบ can be used for a wider variants of computers, also it can mean calculators.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

Ngai Lam

Team ChineseClass101.com

Monday at 10:21 PM
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I really like this lesson, lots of useful vocab. Is there a difference in the usage of ็”ต่„‘ and ่ฎก็ฎ—ๆœบ?

Thank you!

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Saturday at 11:54 PM
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Hi, colette good,

Thank you for your posting.

Um, do you mean "last week, lesson 4 was missing" or "Last week, you did't take lesson 4"?


Team ChineseClass101.com

colette good
Tuesday at 12:48 AM
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Dajia hao!

women shang ge xingji, mei you wode ke si.

HI everyone ,

Last week we didnt get lesson 4:open_mouth::disappointed: