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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Echo: 大家好,我是Echo.
Anthony: And today, we have a very exciting bicycle adventure.
Echo: Exactly.
Anthony: From the tough streets of Beijing.
Echo: Beijing people love bicycles.
Anthony: I think everybody in China loves bicycles. I think everybody has a Chinese bicycle story.
Echo: Yeah. How about yours?
Anthony: Mine, I actually blew through 2 bicycles in three days.
Echo: Wow!
Anthony: And bicycles here, they don’t break, they explode. Pedals flying off, chain snapping.
Echo: And [*]
Anthony: Seats coming undone. It’s just a nightmare. Today we went and rented a bicycle.
Echo: Exactly 租车
Anthony: And here Echo is signing her life away and we have to follow all these rules.
Echo: Lot of rules.
Anthony: So many rules and how much was it just for a deposit.
Echo: 400 quay for [*]
Anthony: Well I hope this is worth it. And what is this lady doing?
Echo: She is 打气
Anthony: Pumping air. She is doing it very power and enthusiasm.
Echo: Yeah but I got a nice bike anyway.
Anthony: Yeah it looks really good. You got a good combo, beautiful Echo, beautiful bicycle.
Echo: Thank you.
Anthony: And where are we at right now?
Echo: We are on 鬼街. Quite near to our studio.
Anthony: Yes. Some very delicious restaurants very near to where we work. It’s dangerous.
Echo: Hot place.
Anthony: And what is this? Echo, I know you don’t like it.
Echo: I hate that thing.
Anthony: Why do you hate them?
Echo: Because they are silent and fast.
Anthony: And they hit you and you don’t even know that they are coming.
Echo: Right.
Anthony: And we move locations. This is actually also in the neighborhood.
Echo: And this is a beautiful 胡同
Anthony: Yes one of the classy Beijing neighborhoods.
Echo: It is called 南锣鼓巷
Anthony: 南锣鼓巷 is cool because you can pop wheelies and you can also go to a café, very, very good.
Echo: Yes yeah lovely cafés.
Anthony: And if you want to hear more about bicycle adventures or if you want to tell your bicycle story, go to
Echo: chineseclass101.com
Anthony: See you there.
Echo: Bye bye.