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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Gayle: 大家好,我是Gayle。
Anthony: And we are currently cruising through a lush cornfield in [*] Shandong province.
Gayle: 我们去了农村。
Anthony: And Gayle, this is your household garden.
Gayle: 这是我们家的小菜园。
Anthony: And what kind of vegetables can you find here?
Gayle: 比如说冬瓜。
Anthony: Delicious. To prepare a meal, you have to start very early.
Gayle: 对,我现在就在准备午饭。
Anthony: And what are you preparing here?
Gayle: It’s 油菜。
Anthony: And it looks like you are pretty good at this. So how long have you been preparing this kind of vegetable?
Gayle: Like 20 years.
Anthony: Ever since you are a kid, right?
Gayle: Yeah like 4 or 5 years old.
Anthony: They get you started early out there. The kitchen that is used to make the food is quite different from what you find in a big city like Beijing.
Gayle: 没错,我们没有煤气。
Anthony: There is no natural gas to start fire. So we have to add kindling.
Gayle: 嗯,我们用灶头。
Anthony: And cooking food is a family fair and I even got involved somewhat and Gayle, can you open that beer for me?
Gayle: 没问题,我可以给你打开。
Anthony: Okay so it looks like the food is all ready to eat.
Gayle: 很好吃。
Anthony: But it looks like there is one dish that’s especially tasty.
Gayle: 没错,东西是很好吃的。
Anthony: And that’s the vegetable that we saw earlier in the video. So from the village
Gayle: 这里是农村。
Anthony: I am Anthony.
Gayle: 我是Gayle。
Anthony: And don’t forget to go to chineseclass101.com to sign up for your free lifetime subscription. Bye bye.
Gayle: Bye bye.


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Cooking prep time in the village is a little longer than in the city. Running water, and a gas stove really speed up the process.

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你好 robert groulx!

不用谢。(Bú yòng xiè.) = No need for thanks. You're welcome. 😇

谢谢 (Xièxie) for studying with us, it's great to have you here!

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thanks for the lesson transcript

favorite phrase is 对,我现在就在准备午饭。


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