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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Gayle: 大家好,我是Gayle。
Anthony: And Gayle, in the village, the marketplace is the center of activity.
Gayle: 没错,我们5天可以去一次市场。
Anthony: You can only go every 5 days, that’s crazy.
Gayle: 没有啊,我们只有星期二可以有水。
Anthony: So what about the other days?
Gayle: I don’t know.
Anthony: 没有水。 Okay. So in the village, in the marketplace, there are plenty of things that you can taste and try and see.
Gayle: 嗯,我们可以在这里找到吃的,喝的,用的。
Anthony: That’s great. So what if I need to get a pair of shoes repaired?
Gayle: 修鞋。
Anthony: Or buy a pair of shoes?
Gayle: 买鞋。
Anthony: Okay so there is plenty of things to buy. You can even buy some birds.
Gayle: 但是这些鸟太贵了。
Anthony: Why is that?
Gayle: Because the birds should be in the trees.
Anthony: Not in cages, I agree. So we decided to visit another little boutique outside the village. These patterns were developed in the village a long time ago, right?
Gayle: 对,这里是一个小商店。这里的东西都是他们自己做的。
Anthony: Okay so we decided to ask the proprietor how long they’ve been in business.
Gayle: [*]
Anthony: So I decided to go take a behind the scenes look. Unfortunately I did not bring my surgical mask. So I think I inhaled some fumes, oh, oh. Go to chineseclass101.com, sign up for your free lifetime subscription. I am Anthony.
Gayle: 我是Gayle。
Anthony: All right, we will see you next time.
Gayle: Bye bye.


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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Was there anything you wanted to buy from the village market?

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Tuesday at 08:28 PM
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你好 robert groulx!

不用谢。(Bú yòng xiè.) = No need for thanks. You're welcome. 😇

谢谢 (Xièxie) for studying with us, it's great to have you here!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

雷文特 (Levente)

Team ChineseClass101.com

robert groulx
Sunday at 10:46 PM
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thank you for the lesson transcript

favorite phrase is 嗯,我们可以在这里找到吃的,喝的,用的。


Monday at 10:34 AM
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Hi Al

Thanks a lot for pointing out the mistake. I'll see if we can get it fixed soon. And you are absolutely right about the 小商店,I think in this context, it's better to be translated as small shop. I think the name 便利店 actually came from Japanese. The equivalent of original Chinese is actually 小卖铺。But these days most people prefer to say 便利店。

By the way there is no such word as 超商. I think you wanted to say 超市 which is short for 超级市场。便利商店, we rarely say that. :wink:



Sunday at 11:32 AM
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one minor error in the English in the words at the end


should be convenience store not convenient store.

Wouldn't one of these be more accurate for convienience store ?

as doesn't 小商店 translate as small store ?

便利店 biànlìdiàn

超商 chāoshāng

便利商店 biànlìshāngdiàn