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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Echo: 大家好,我是Echo.
Anthony: And Echo, today we are traveling into the exciting world of animals but most of the animals living in China are usually going to end up as dinner.
Echo: 啊,比如说鸡。
Anthony: And if they aren’t going to be eaten, they are going to be used for some sort of manual labor. And what do we see here?
Echo: 鱼。
Anthony: Okay this is the horse’s ugly cousin, the donkey.
Echo: 猴子。
Anthony: On a mountain that we are traveling on, there was an infamies gang of monkeys.
Echo: 一群猴子。(The audio here is strange.)
Anthony: And they were very I would say brave or uninhabited because they would come up to you and if you had something shiny….
Echo: 它们不怕你。
Anthony: They weren’t afraid of me. If you had something shiny, they would come up and take it. I tried to blend in but I scared the monkeys but they also have cuddlier animals in Sichuan most notably…
Echo: 熊猫。
Anthony: Yeah this is the panda and this was possibly the laziest creature in captivity. What they would do is they would just back up the dump truck, unload the bamboo and have tourists to snap away pictures for hours on in.
Echo: 幸福的生活。
Anthony: And we have a panda here who is actually trying to get a workout.
Echo: 嗯,好可爱。
Anthony: Doing some pull-ups but my favorite are
Echo: 小熊猫。
Anthony: That’s right. These guys are cool man. They look like they are about to go on a cigarette break.
Echo: 我们也叫它们狸猫。
Anthony: Yeah you can also call them 狸猫. Either way, they are pretty awesome and if you want to see more animals, you should go to
Echo: Chineseclass101.com