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Friday at 06:30 PM
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What was your favorite subject in school?

Tuesday at 10:38 AM
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wow, you've learned chinese and french for 20 YEARS? that's miracle!

we also have this kind of problem when we learn a foreign language. i found to learn from newspapers is much better than learning from textbooks. from internet is also a fast and good way. you think so?

Tuesday at 05:22 AM
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I liked French. Then something happened: I found out that I could write. I crossed the bridge from "I cannot" to "I can." I only write as a student in language classes, but I try to think of more profound questions. My teachers can't handle it. I have been studying Chinese and French the past 20 years off and on mostly by myself looking for something new to learn at the Intermediate Level. The Advanced Level is too difficult and too much into literature.

Saturday at 04:39 PM
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I like biology...

Saturday at 02:31 AM
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I could have sworn i've seen this before.