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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 大家好,我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And every day there are tons of buses taking people to and from 阳朔
Lanzi: 对,而单程票呢只不到10块钱。
Anthony: But the buses don’t directly leave the town.
Lanzi: 对,他们要等到客满了才开车。
Anthony: These buses are privately run. So they aren’t running on any set schedule.
Lanzi: 因为他们就直接,直接地在马路上找客人。
Anthony: Now this lady right here is recruiting people.
Lanzi: 对,她在喊:“阳朔,阳朔”。
Anthony: So just throw your stuff on and get in.
Lanzi: 对。那么从桂林到阳朔呢只有一条大路。
Anthony: And it takes about an hour to arrive.
Lanzi: 而且广西的饮食也非常得有名。
Anthony: So when we arrive in Yangshuo the first thing I wanted to do was eat some famous Yangshuo seafood.
Lanzi: 对。诶,你看到他们在瓦煲里做饭。
Anthony: Not only that, but you can pick your own fish.
Lanzi: 对,每条鱼至少有两斤重,所以点菜的时候得注意了。
Anthony: Right, the menu lists the price at 1 Jin. So the bill maybe a little bit more than you expect.
Lanzi: 看起来不错。
Anthony: Yes very satisfying. Now I am a big outdoor enthusiast and Yangshuo has a bunch of activities to offer.
Lanzi: 最多人选择的就是骑单车,游阳朔。
Anthony: Yeah there is a lot of natural scenery in Yangshuo that can be explored from a bicycle.
Lanzi: 对,你还可以骑车和当地人聊天,联系。
Anthony: Right. After a 30-minute bike ride, you find yourself in uninhabited spaces.
Lanzi: 对。
Anthony: It’s really relaxing and quiet.
Lanzi: 除此之外,你就只能看到动物了。
Anthony: You know it’s not uncommon to run into a lot of different farm animals.
Lanzi: 牛呀,羊呀,狗呀。因为当地的经济呢主要就是依赖农业来发展的,所以他们养了非常多的动物。
Anthony: That’s right. Yangshuo relies heavily on agriculture. So join us next time as we explore more of what Yangshuo has to offer.
Lanzi: Right. 下次见。
Anthony: All right, I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And we will see you next time. Bye bye.