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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 大家好,我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And last time, we brought to you cycling and seafood in Yangshuo.
Lanzi: 这一次我们划竹筏。
Anthony: But first we hopped on a motorcycle.
Lanzi: 对,因为在杨朔,到处你都能看到出租摩托车的地方。
Anthony: It only costs 100 Renminbi for the day and you don’t have to pay the deposit if the tour guide comes along.
Lanzi: 但其实外国人骑摩托是不合法的。
Anthony: But it really isn’t a problem once you get outside the city.
Lanzi: 对,杨朔附近有很多的小镇。
Anthony: And these villages haven’t been developed yet and rely basically on Agriculture and tourism for revenue.
Lanzi: 嗯,它附近还有很多天然的公园。
Anthony: Yes. One of these is Moon hill
Lanzi: 可以看到月亮山。
Anthony: This Mountain is really famous in China and attracts a lot of mountain climbers.
Lanzi: 对,它山顶的景色非常棒。
Anthony: Yes but I would imagine, the view would look even better on a clear day.
Lanzi: 杨朔坐落在漓江边上。
Anthony: And River Rafting with Chinese characteristics is very popular.
Lanzi: 嗯。但小心,他们看到外国人,会收费收得更贵。
Anthony: Don’t pay more than 150 Renminbi total for 2 people on one boat.
Lanzi: 嗯。另一个方法是你可以提前在杨朔城里买好竹筏的票。
Anthony: Right and I was really surprised to see how clear the water was.
Lanzi: 对,水非常非常得清。诶,你看到还有很多野生动物呢。
Anthony: Okay so these are floating picnic stands where people can buy food and take a rest.
Lanzi: 对,也会有很多人给你拍照。
Anthony: Now, when you go over these Rapids, they try to sell you the action shots and it’s not exactly the log ______ (0:01:49)
Lanzi: 嗯。竹筏的全程呢大概是一个半小时左右。
Anthony: Now when you are done rafting, you end up in the South of the city but luckily for us, we had our motorcycle waiting.
Lanzi: 当地人非常依赖这条河作为他们的经济收入。你看他们的职业都是跟水有关系的。
Anthony: Right, just like we saw in the last episode, people rely on agriculture for revenue. They also rely heavily on the river. Okay so that’s it for me on Yangshuo but join us next time as we explore more of what volumes she has to offer. I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And we will see you next time.
Lanzi: 下次见。
Anthony: Bye bye.
Lanzi: Bye.