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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Echo: 大家好,我是Echo。
Anthony: And today we are on safari in the urban jungle.
Echo: 我们在找出租车。
Anthony: That’s right. Taxi.
Echo: 出租车。
Anthony: And here we can see the daily stampede.
Echo: 这样我们看得更清楚了。
Anthony: Yeah so these taxis are very social creatures. They travel in herds. So if you want to successfully hail a taxi, what should you do?
Echo: 你需要一些特别的技巧,比如说你要会打车。
Anthony: Yes and I heard you had some previous experiences in Shanghai.
Echo: 噢,我在上海用了一个半小时的时间找到了一辆出租车。
Anthony: Nightmare. So to identify a taxi, first you have to notice the distinctive yellow stripe.
Echo: 非常明显。所以在北京很容易找到出租车。
Anthony: When the taxi driver is very angry, the stripe turns bright red. So here, Echo has safely secured a taxi.
Echo: 我找到一辆出租车。
Anthony: This taxi doesn’t look too bad. It looks like this guy has done a good job grooming.
Echo: 对,非常干净。
Anthony: Yes it looks like the seat carvers have used a lot of bleach. So you got to remember one thing before you leave the taxi.
Echo: 你们在下车之前要找出租车司机要发票。
Anthony: You need the receipt because you never know when you are going to lose your cell phone.
Echo: Right.
Anthony: So if you don’t want to be stranded like this woman on the street, you should go to
Echo: Chineseclass101.com
Anthony: That’s right. We will teach you all you need to know to successfully get that taxi, sign up for your free lifetime subscription.
Echo: Exactly.
Anthony: I am Anthony.
Echo: 我是Echo。
Anthony: So come to the site and we will see you there.
Echo: 网上见。
Anthony: Bye bye.