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Friday at 6:30 pm
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What is your favorite fruit? (tell us in Chinese if you can!)

Monday at 6:11 pm
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你好 Jack

Thanks for your post. 我理解覆盆子是一种健康食品,在中国大量分布但少为人知。


Team ChineseClass101.com

Jack McDowell
Monday at 4:24 am
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Tuesday at 2:10 pm
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I don't think there is a generic term for orange in Chinese. 橘子(ju2 zi5) or 桔子 are both tangerine or mandarin. 橙子(cheng2 zi5)is the orange that has a tight thick skin, and not easy to peel. 脐橙 is a specific kind of 橙. 柑子(gan1 zi5)has a thinner skin and also not easy to peel. I heard 柑子 is from the crossbreeding of 橘子 and 橙子.

Monday at 12:43 am
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昨天我去KungFu Christmas 派对. 我看了一个orange, 所以我说了"桔子". 一个中国人说了我说了不对, 但是我不东 因为他说了太快. 我认为他说了"脐橙", 但是我忘了. What is the generic term for orange in Chinese? 我认为那个人认为我的意思是tangerine.

Thursday at 11:10 am
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actually 菠萝is a foreign word, we borrowed the pronunciation from some Brazil about 500 or 600 years ago, at that time it may sound like 波罗bōluó or something else, and in order to tell people it's a kind of plant, they just put 艹(a part means grass) on top.

you know what? even spinach was from Persia, so we call it 菠菜(bōcài)...:grin:

Thursday at 1:23 am
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Why is "pineapple" called 菠萝 "spinach turnip" in Chinese?

Did speakers of both languages have difficulty in coming up with a name?

A pineapple is neither from a pine nor apple tree. :-)

I'll reserve comments about "spinach turnip" for native Chinese speakers.


Sunday at 2:13 pm
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Again, I'm noticing more and more Simplified characters presented as Traditional characters in the Premie Vocab sections. I believe the following are corrections that should be made:

菠萝 ==> 菠蘿

樱桃 ==> 櫻桃

苹果 == > 蘋果

Indeed, it looks like someone merely copied the Simp. chars into the Trad. column.

Wednesday at 10:56 am
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(wǒ? zhǐyào hǎochī de wǒ dōu xǐhuan! ! yǒushíhou zhēnde gǎnjué zìjǐ xiàng yī zhǐ zhū.. wǒmen zhèr hánguócài hěn duō, xiànzài wǒ zài gōngsī hé jiālǐ dōu shì měitiān chī hánguócài, hǎoxiàng yǐjīng hěncháng shíjiān méiyǒu chī guò zhōngguó cài le)

Wednesday at 3:56 am
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Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll see what we can do!

Tuesday at 11:10 pm
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This 大卫 has a different take. :smile:

I'm not really bothered by the music, but would suggest making it

more "Chinese-y". Sounds like New York City club jazz。

Perhaps the volume could go down a tad, but I could hear the speaker quite clearly.

Also, sometimes the character's color contrasted poorly against the background

樱桃 wasn't as clear in light gray against the red cherries.

These videos helped me learn my fruits and veggies. Keep them coming!