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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony and I am here with my good friend Gayle.
Gayle: 大家好。
Anthony: Gayle, recently I went on this epic journey but to start this journey, I had to start off from the
Gayle: 火车站。
Anthony: That’s right. The train station here in China is filled with all sorts of interesting characters.
Gayle: 很多人。很多很多人。
Anthony: That’s right. Everybody and their mother ______ (0:00:47) was trying to get on this train but that’s okay because I have my ticket in hand.
Gayle: 你在火车上做了什么?
Anthony: Well I had a lot of options to choose from. A) I did a lot of sleeping B) I stared out the window a lot.
Gayle: 然后?
Anthony: Kick back a few beers and then stared out the window some more and before I knew it, I had arrived in Shiyan.
Gayle: 西安。
Anthony: So I wanted to go buy some stuff.
Gayle: 买东西。
Anthony: I got some friends back home and I am always telling them about these crazy stories I am having in China. I wanted to find them a very, very authentic Chinese gift.
Gayle: 你买了什么?
Anthony: Well, I found this Musical Orbe that had notes flying from it. Unfortunately I couldn’t play it as well as this guy did but you know, I think that there is something even more Chinese than that instrument.
Gayle: 啊,这是肯尼基。
Anthony: That’s right. I found Kenny Gs #1 fan and this guy was wailing and I had to join in with my dance moves. So if you want to get your groove on, you should go to
Gayle: Chineseclass101.com
Anthony: And sign up for your free lifetime subscription and stay tuned because me and Gayle have some more ventures coming to you from the heart of China.
Gayle: 再见。
Anthony: Bye bye.


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Wednesday at 11:34 PM
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你好 robert groulx!

不用谢。(Bú yòng xiè.) = No need for thanks. You're welcome. 😇

谢谢 (Xièxie) for studying with us, it's great to have you here!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

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Team ChineseClass101.com

robert groulx
Sunday at 10:59 PM
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thank you for the lesson transcript

favorite phrase is 你买了什么?


Team ChineseClass101.com
Monday at 08:06 PM
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Hi Barry,

Thank you very much for your comment. And I totally agree with you on your point of view.

Hope you enjoy our other videos:smile:


Team ChineseClass101.com

Monday at 02:15 AM
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Great video: I disagree with the previous comments. Learning Putonghua is more than vocabulary, tones, and hanzi. It is also about understanding the cultural elements of Zhongwen that make it such an amazing language. Please continue to post similar video about Zhongguo shenghuo..

Friday at 10:24 AM
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Hi guys

I really appreciate your honest comment and sorry that if you find the video was helpful to your Chinese study. I will forward all your comments to the whole team and hopefully to continue to improve our work.



Tuesday at 10:58 PM
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SORRY but this was worthless Lessson.

MORE chinese words! LESS Nonsense. I

THOUGHT you at these pods listened to suggustions & READ comments.

seems as though you do what you want

Sunday at 04:42 PM
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Yes, I agree, this is a nice video, but few words in Chinese and too fast, I think can be made better next time, by the way , it is a nice video anyway!

Paul Grant
Friday at 10:43 PM
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This was a nice video as an ad for ChinesClass101 but wasn't

really good for learning Chinese. There was too much English

and the Chinese went by so fast I couldn't learn anything.

Also, the Chinese wasn't always displayed on the screen.