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Wednesday at 12:44 PM
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Thank you PD, it's fixed now.


Sunday at 09:56 AM
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Hi team,

as you can see im going back to basics to feel less discouraged at moment:) i discovered another mismatch in pdf : 我经常到海滩去捉小虾和螃蟹

Zhè jiā cāntīng de pángxiè hěn


all the best

Saturday at 07:53 PM
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Hi student,

We've actually got a few more episodes of Amber's culture show already recorded and almost ready to go (although not likely to go live until next week) and then another lesson series starting in January.

The reason for the somewhat hectic schedule of late is that we've been shifting some production work to Beijing that used to happen in New York. This will affect recording work over the long term, but it isn't clear exactly how yet. We're trying to get Amber over here for this and some video work, but the exact details on how and when are going to depend on her own schedule and plans in New York. We'll let people know when we know ourselves.

Saturday at 06:10 PM
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did Amber's show get cancelled?