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Saturday at 11:06 PM
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Thanks KanjiHanzi - we'll get Gail to take a look at the mismatch on Monday and hopefully clear this up.

Friday at 11:00 PM
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Sh:mad:t!! Every time I forget to write posts in a text editor I loose them.

One more attempt: There ARE some sounds sprinkled here and there, but there is usually no match between sound and text. Like in this lesson:

text 这台计算机有键盘。= sound 我要一张50块钱的充值卡。

Thanks and have a 非常好周末

Friday at 10:51 PM
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Repeated from here

>>>>Follow JapanesePod101 and make the VIDEO vocabulary expansion sentences into Expansion with **AUDIO**. The videos are cool, but nothing beats having new words in context with SOUND. (I saw you had added audio sentences to Video 1-4. Great!)