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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Gayle: 大家好,我是Gayle。
Anthony: And Gayle, I have traveled many a mile to come to this infamies mountain.
Gayle: 华山。
Anthony: I’ve heard rumors that people have died trying to climb this.
Gayle: Really?
Anthony: That’s right but before I get in, I had to buy a ticket and unfortunately my student ID was turned down. So I had to pay full price and I wasn’t happy about that. So you can see what kind of scale we are working with here. There is a long way to go up this mountain.
Gayle: 嗯,爬山。
Anthony: Yes climbing mountains but we are not really climbing, we are crawling at this mountain step by step on all force.
Gayle: 太危险了。
Anthony: Very dangerous, I felt like Frodo ascending Mt. Doom and throw the ring into the fire.
Gayle: 嗯,小心呀。
Anthony: Yeah be careful because you know if one person falls, everybody behind them is going down like Dominos. Okay so basically at this point, we are going straight up. This mountain is like a 90-degree angle. You know it was raining at this point in time. I think I was singing a song trying to not look down. See that’s the trick. You can’t look down and I actually looked down.
Gayle: Oh!
Anthony: Yeah here is the part. You know if you look down, oops! I pee in my pants. So I kind of concentrate really hard to keep my eyes in front of me. You know, it’s great because they have people that set up the shops that take pictures of you with the great background but I think this business was formed before the invent of handheld digital cameras. So I think their business has taken a turn for the worst.
Gayle: Wow!
Anthony: We had to climb this ridge to get to the top but you know we made it up to the top with no incidents.
Gayle: 风景很美。
Anthony: The view is gorgeous. We had this great idea to sleep on the mountain. We wanted to catch the sunrise because we heard it was absolutely beautiful. So join us next time, go to chineseclass101.com and sign up for your free lifetime subscription. I am Anthony.
Gayle: 我是Gayle。
Anthony: See you next time.
Gayle: Bye bye.