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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Echo: 我是Echo.
Anthony: And today, we are traveling underground to ride the subway.
Echo: 地铁。
Anthony: Everybody is happy campers on the subway, isn’t that right?
Echo: 没错儿。
Anthony: Okay. So here, we are going to be going to the closest subway station that we have.
Echo: Uhoo….
Anthony: But before they let you in, we got to do what?
Echo: 安全检查。
Anthony: You got to check your bags and make sure you are not carrying any illegal fireworks.
Echo: Good.
Anthony: Don’t want to be doing that. So you’d make it downstairs and the first thing we have to do
Echo: 买票。
Anthony: That’s right. This is the fun computer game.
Echo: Yeah it’s your favorite machine.
Anthony: ______ (0:01:00) to the level 60 and they give you a ticket which you then have to swipe. And how do we say swipe?
Echo: 刷卡。
Anthony: That’s right and it’s pretty cheap too.
Echo: 只有两块钱。
Anthony: Just two quay and you can go around the city as much as you want. And you want to make sure you don’t look like a tourist like these people.
Echo: Right.
Anthony: So make sure you are studying your maps at home before you get on the subway and don’t want to look silly, know where you are going. So now, we are on a car.
Echo: 我们现在在车上啦。
Anthony: Yes traveling at the speed of light and people look pretty bored but that’s okay.
Echo: Yeah.
Anthony: We’ve arrived there to stop and when we want to get off the car
Echo: 我们要下车了。
Anthony: That’s right. When you get off, you want to start throwing elbows, pushing people out of your way, just getting off as fast as you can. So we give the car back and we are ascending the electric stairs.
Echo: 电梯。
Anthony: This is very easy, escalator.
Echo: 非常方便。
Anthony: Yes very easy and we emerge from the underground bunker
Echo: 我们到家啦。
Anthony: Yes no problem. So if you like riding subways as much as we do,
Echo: Please go to chineseclass101.com
Anthony: And sign up for your free subscription.
Echo: 我是Echo。
Anthony: And I am Anthony from Beijing. We wish you all happy subway riding.
Echo: 我们网上见吧。