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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Echo: 我是Echo。
Anthony: And Echo, where are you?
Echo: 我在这儿。
Anthony: We are patiently waiting at the bus station.
Echo: 公共汽车站。
Anthony: And there is plenty of options to choose from and go anywhere in the city and how much does a bus ride cost?
Echo: 一般是一块钱。
Anthony: I have a huge jar at home right. They are all my Chinese pennies just waiting to unload them on the bus.
Echo: 真的?
Anthony: And I hear there has been a new invention in Beijing.
Echo: 我们开始排队上车啦。
Anthony: Yes waiting in line so you don’t have to jostle for position on the bus.
Echo: 没错。
Anthony: And there is always without fail somebody running after the bus late.
Echo: 等一下,开门,开门。
Anthony: Yes and if the driver doesn’t hear you, please open the door, you should.
Echo: Kick the bus.
Anthony: That’s right and that will automatically have the bus stop. So there is one rule on the bus right?
Echo: 你们要给老年人让座。
Anthony: If some old folks get on the bus, please give them your seat. If you don’t
Echo: 别人会用非常奇怪的眼神看你。
Anthony: You are going to get some vicious stares from the patrons on the bus. If you notice, there is a nice flat screen TV on the bus and since, I don’t own a TV, I go to the bus for my entertainment, it’s great and Echo, you actually have something pretty convenient right?
Echo: 公交卡。
Anthony: You just swipe it, it deducts money from your account, it’s really, really easy.
Echo: 没错儿。
Anthony: And if you like easy, you should go to
Echo: Chineseclass101.com
Anthony: And don’t forget to sign up for your free lifetime subscription.
Echo: 没错儿。
Anthony: I am Anthony.
Echo: 我是Echo。
Anthony: Bye bye.
Echo: Bye bye.