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Friday at 06:30 PM
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add some city words to the comments if you like too!

Monday at 07:29 AM
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:twisted:This actually works. Wow.:evil::twisted::lol::oops::razz::mrgreen::neutral::twisted::shock::smile::???::cool::evil::grin::oops::razz::roll::wink::cry::eek::lol::mad::sad:

Thursday at 07:05 PM
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I just saw that ridiculous translation of 炸酱面, and it got me into a laughing fit!!!!:lol:

Tuesday at 12:35 PM
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Frank, I ran it through Adsotrans, got "to blow up jam to face"


Tuesday at 12:32 PM
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I remember a day when I was in a restaurant with no picture menu and I managed to eek out the writing on this sign that was offering 炸酱面 (zhájiàngmiàn) for just 6 kuai. I didn't recognize the first two characters, so I had the waitress sound it out for me while I looked it up in the dictionary on my iPhone... and the definition of zhájiàngmiàn is...


So very less than helpful. Haha. You should try it, if you get the chance. Curious flavor.

Tuesday at 07:57 AM
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Are 兰州拉面 commonly found in western Chinese restaurants?

There's a halal Chinese restaurant close to my house. That

might be a good bet in the Silicon Valley.

Tuesday at 07:24 AM
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Tuesday at 07:18 AM
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Hi 蓝大卫 ,

The audio is coming for these expansion sentences, so you will have it soon :)

Monday at 11:05 AM
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hi, 警察局 and 派出所are sometimes not interchangable. because we don's say 警察局 in mainland, it is much more common in HongKong and Taiwan. 派出所 is a mainland word. 派出所is a branch of 警察局, which in mainland we call 公安局gōng ān jú...

Monday at 08:45 AM
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Yes, they're delicious and they're everywhere! If you can't remember the 汉字 just look for the guys in muslim hats out the front pulling noodles.

I'm not sure if they're technically a 'franchise' run by a 'headquarters' but they are all very similar, and have branches all over China.

I think noodles were invented in 兰州 or somewhere thereabouts.

Sunday at 11:47 PM
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These videos are very useful and well done. Keep 'em coming!

I have a suggestion for the premium content section's Expansion with Audio. The only audios on this page are the Chinese vocabulary and the English translation. The example sentence has no audio as it would with other lesson categories. Would it be possible to have audio for these expansion sentences? I would suggest that the audio come in two speeds: native and learner. I don't quite have the native speed down yet. Hopefully with practice!