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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Anthony: And today, we are going to be riding on three wheels.
Echo: 蹦蹦车。
Anthony: That’s right. Okay who are we kidding, this is a Toaster on Wheels with a pretty nice tent job. These come in all different shapes and sizes.
Echo: And colors.
Anthony: And this one apparently has French doors. So if you want to ride, you got to haggle.
Echo: 砍价儿。
Anthony: So once you’ve got the price set, you step into the death on wheels and rev the engine and off we go. And where do you usually find these vehicles?
Echo: 一般是在三环外。因为他们都都是黑车。
Anthony: Yes these aren’t quite legal but if you travel outside the third ring road, if you are feeling rather saucy, you can get away with it.
Echo: 没错儿。
Anthony: And here I think we are riding on a sidewalk breaking land speed records. The driver looks happy because I gave him a fat 10 quay and now we are going to move to a more ancient form of travel.
Echo: 人力三轮车。
Anthony: Yes this is the Pedicab, this is perfectly legal and this relies on pedal power.
Echo: 嗯,没错。
Anthony: And this guy was in great shape for being a 100. With age comes experience and with experience comes confidence and as you can see, this guy is fearless just going into oncoming traffic darting through red lights.
Echo: 可以看出来。
Anthony: Yeah no problem.
Echo: 我们去哪儿?
Anthony: We are going to [*] park. And this is my favorite way to get some sunshine and also travel in style.
Echo: 嗯,我能看出来你很喜欢人力三轮车。
Anthony: Just maxing and relaxing. When you’ve had enough excitement, you should tell the driver.
Echo: 停车。
Anthony: Just park it.
Echo: 怎么样?
Anthony: Flipping amazing. And if you want to have a flipping amazing dine, go to
Echo: Chineseclass101.com
Anthony: And sign up for your free lifetime subscription. I am Anthony.
Echo: 我是Echo。
Anthony: And we will see you next time.
Echo: 下次见吧。
Anthony: Bye bye.