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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 大家好,我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And Lanza, if you are a foreigner in China, you have to have a visa.
Lanzi: 签证。
Anthony: That’s right. And unfortunately for me, I have to leave the country every now and again. I have to cross the border somewhere and come back and get a stamp.
Lanzi: 啊,真的?
Anthony: So for me, I am going to cross the border in Mongolia and then turnaround and come right back. So I am going to take a train to get there.
Lanzi: 哦,你可以提前定票呀。
Anthony: Normally I would but since this is an international train, I had to go to the train station to buy it which means I have to get my butt up really early and go to the train station.
Lanzi: 呃,很贵么?车票要多少钱?
Anthony: It actually was relatively inexpensive. It is only about a 150 quay for a hard seat.
Lanzi: 那要坐多久呢?
Anthony: From start to finish, it was about 13 hours.
Lanzi: 13个小时?
Anthony: Yeah which you know, I should just pull all-nighters like just sleep the whole way through on the train ______ (0:01:05) the next day but maybe I will do that next time.
Lanzi: 啊,我看到了长城。
Anthony: Yeah that’s a great wall but this different from the great wall that we have near Beijing. This is a much older great wall, possibly built in the Ming dynasty.
Lanzi: 噢,明朝。你还可以路上看风景。啊,马桶!
Anthony: Yeah I had a lot of time to explore the train and I found this quite interesting and this toilet actually was fairly clean.
Lanzi: 好干净啊。
Anthony: Considering the state of the other parts of the train. Yeah this is really cool to see a lot of these wind turbines dotted along the landscape. They are pretty cool but when you get on the other side of the coin, you have a lot of coal that’s being used. 2/3rds of China’s power comes from coal resources.
Lanzi: 对。三分之二的中国能源还是来源于煤的。
Anthony: So yeah, we are about to arrive in Erlian which is my stop when the sun is going down.
Lanzi: 嗯,日落了。
Anthony: But join us next week as we check out the Sights &Sounds of Downtown Erlean. So make sure you go to chineseclass101.com, sign up for your free lifetime subscription. I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 我是Lanzi。
Anthony: We will see you next time.
Lanzi: 下周见。


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What are some other travel vocabulary words you would like to learn?

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thank you for the lesson transcript

favorite phrase is 噢,明朝。你还可以路上看风景。啊,马桶!


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Nice video!

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I like this video. Amazing how different China is once you get out of the big cities and into smaller places, and especially up north in the areas that were heavily dependent on state-owned enterprises.