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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 大家好,我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And Lanza, if you are a foreigner in China, you have to have a visa.
Lanzi: 签证。
Anthony: That’s right. And unfortunately for me, I have to leave the country every now and again. I have to cross the border somewhere and come back and get a stamp.
Lanzi: 啊,真的?
Anthony: So for me, I am going to cross the border in Mongolia and then turnaround and come right back. So I am going to take a train to get there.
Lanzi: 哦,你可以提前定票呀。
Anthony: Normally I would but since this is an international train, I had to go to the train station to buy it which means I have to get my butt up really early and go to the train station.
Lanzi: 呃,很贵么?车票要多少钱?
Anthony: It actually was relatively inexpensive. It is only about a 150 quay for a hard seat.
Lanzi: 那要坐多久呢?
Anthony: From start to finish, it was about 13 hours.
Lanzi: 13个小时?
Anthony: Yeah which you know, I should just pull all-nighters like just sleep the whole way through on the train ______ (0:01:05) the next day but maybe I will do that next time.
Lanzi: 啊,我看到了长城。
Anthony: Yeah that’s a great wall but this different from the great wall that we have near Beijing. This is a much older great wall, possibly built in the Ming dynasty.
Lanzi: 噢,明朝。你还可以路上看风景。啊,马桶!
Anthony: Yeah I had a lot of time to explore the train and I found this quite interesting and this toilet actually was fairly clean.
Lanzi: 好干净啊。
Anthony: Considering the state of the other parts of the train. Yeah this is really cool to see a lot of these wind turbines dotted along the landscape. They are pretty cool but when you get on the other side of the coin, you have a lot of coal that’s being used. 2/3rds of China’s power comes from coal resources.
Lanzi: 对。三分之二的中国能源还是来源于煤的。
Anthony: So yeah, we are about to arrive in Erlian which is my stop when the sun is going down.
Lanzi: 嗯,日落了。
Anthony: But join us next week as we check out the Sights &Sounds of Downtown Erlean. So make sure you go to chineseclass101.com, sign up for your free lifetime subscription. I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 我是Lanzi。
Anthony: We will see you next time.
Lanzi: 下周见。