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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 大家好,我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And the train has just dropped me off in a little town on the Chinese Mongolian border called Erlian.
Lanzi: 二连
Anthony: And I had an empty stomach. So I heard that this town has really good dumplings.
Lanzi: 饺子。
Anthony: I ran into a couple of people from 宁夏
Lanzi: 哦,宁夏来的人。
Anthony: And they were really into drinking games.
Lanzi: 哈哈,他们很爱猜拳。
Anthony: And you are going to find drinking games played basically everywhere in China, isn’t that right?
Lanzi: 对,对。非常流行。
Anthony: And what do Chinese people usually drink when they go out?
Lanzi: 呃,他们喜欢喝二锅头。
Anthony: Okay yeah and this stuff is pretty heavy.
Lanzi: 对,至少有40度。
Anthony: Yeah at least 40 proof alcohol.
Lanzi: 诶,你也在猜拳。
Anthony: Yeah I am getting involved in the festivities playing a game called 15-20.
Lanzi: 啊,十五二十。
Anthony: That’s right.
Lanzi: 诶,你输了吗?
Anthony: Yeah I lost. So the next morning I get up luckily without a hangover and I got to get to the border as fast as I can.
Lanzi: 嗯,赶去。
Anthony: And there is two ways that you can get to the border. One is by taxi.
Lanzi: 打的。
Anthony: Which will cost you about 10 quay each way.
Lanzi: 啊,十块钱。
Anthony: And for the more frugal travelers, you can take the city bus for 1 quay.
Lanzi: 好便宜啊。
Anthony: Yeah very cheap and actually it was a nice view and it was a nice ride out there.
Lanzi: 诶,还有彩虹。
Anthony: Yeah this was the very welcoming border crossing out in the middle of nowhere and…
Lanzi: 真的什么都没有。
Anthony: And it was kind of interesting to see that this border was really heavily fortified.
Lanzi: 对,诶,还有军人。
Anthony: Yeah they have a couple of soldiers. I think they are playing the game of soccer, I don’t know. Well join us next week as I cross into Mongolian territory and make sure to visit us at chineseclass101.com, sign up for your free lifetime subscription. I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 我是Lanzi,下周见。
Anthony: Bye bye.
Lanzi: Bye.