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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 大家好,我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And I am at the border of Mongolia about to cross.
Lanzi: Ah finally.
Anthony: But before I can, I can’t just walk across the border. I have to find a car to take me there. Not only do the drivers not speak English, we have to bargain with them.
Lanzi: 诶,他们是跑去哪儿了?
Anthony: I think it’s just really cold outside. They want to get inside.
Lanzi: 啊,很冷。
Anthony: So these trucks that are going to cross, they are not meant to carry people. They are meant to carry goods but you know it’s extra money that they can earn by carrying people across the border.
Lanzi: 当然。那你要给多少钱?
Anthony: Each way, it’s about 40 quay which I think is pretty fair but you got to bargain with them.
Lanzi: 嗯,跟他们砍价。
Anthony: Yeah exactly.
Lanzi: 诶,我看到这边都没有中文。
Anthony: Yeah there is no Chinese over here. Mongolia used to be a soviet satellite country. So it’s all in Russian.
Lanzi: 噢,原来是这样。
Anthony: So my English meant nothing. And my Chinese meant nothing.
Lanzi: 那你在蒙古一共待了多久呢?
Anthony: I was only in Mongolia for a solid 30 minutes.
Lanzi: 半个小时?
Anthony: Yeah it was basically you cross, you turnaround, in one door and out the other.
Lanzi: 没时间到处走走?
Anthony: Oh yeah. So there was some time between me crossing the border and my bus leaving. So I had the very hard task of killing time in Erlian. Going to an internet bar is a great way to kill some time.
Lanzi: 啊,对对对。
Anthony: Unfortunately if you don’t have a Chinese ID card, they won’t let you use the internet café.
Lanzi: Really?
Anthony: Yeah. So discrimination.
Lanzi: Oh too bad. 诶,我看到一个二连国际汽车站。
Anthony: Yeah this was interesting because you don’t find too many international bus stations around, do you?
Lanzi: 诶,还有很多人戴着口罩。
Anthony: Yeah. I guess people are really concerned about the whole swine flu thing going around. So they want to take extra measures to protect themselves.
Lanzi: 对,猪流感。
Anthony: So once again, I am honestly for us. Once again, I am in cramped quarters and once again nobody is paying attention to the rules.
Lanzi: 啊,不准抽烟。
Anthony: Yeah well I guess the driver likes smoking. So you know…
Lanzi: 啊,是司机啊。诶,有恐龙!
Anthony: Yeah apparently dinosaurs used to roam the plains of Inner Mongolia.
Lanzi: 诶,那这次出去,你一共花了多少钱呢?
Anthony: I think all in all from door to door, train, bus, everything was around 600 quay which is you know fairly cheap. So that’s it for chineseclass101. I am Anthony.
Lanzi: 我是Lanzi。
Anthony: And make sure you go to the website, sign up for your free lifetime subscription. Bye bye.
Lanzi: Bye.