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Lesson Transcript

Anthony: Hi I am Anthony.
Gayle: 大家好,我是Gayle。
Anthony: And Gayle, the village is full of animals, isn’t that right?
Gayle: 没错, 今天我们就去看农村的动物吧。
Anthony: And don’t you know this guy?
Gayle: 我当然知道,这是我的 neighbor 邻居。
Anthony: So you have a bunch of neighbors here and the fact that they are ducks.
Gayle: They are not my neighbords, they are 鸭子。
Anthony: We met this lady who explained to us that if you scared ducks in their natural habitat, their eggs become of the worst quality.
Gayle: 没错,如果鸭子害怕了,那么它们就会不下蛋。
Anthony: And here we have an Army of Ducklings over 800 in numbers. And you know the Ugly Duckling turns into a beautiful Swan you know one day.
Gayle: 对。这是螃蟹最好吃的。
Anthony: And also we have a delicious looking crab and Gayle, you don’t hold goats ______ (0:01:14) respect to you.
Gayle: 我觉得山羊是比较笨的,有点儿笨。
Anthony: Okay so the goats are stupid but isn’t there another stupid animal floating around…
Gayle: 有的时候鸡
Anthony: Okay.
Gayle: 更笨一点儿。
Anthony: So these chickens aren’t just for decoration. They are used for fun too.
Gayle: Yeah actually we call a chicken as 笨鸡。
Anthony: Okay so stupid chicken and you are playing your favorite past time game of Throw the Mantle at the chicken. And we all know where the chickens end up, dead in a bucket and then you said, I remember you telling me that chicken feed aren’t that popular in the village, but they are very popular in the city.
Gayle: 在农村,我们喜欢鸡腿。
Anthony: Okay so you like chicken legs but this little puppy here, you aren’t going to eat it right?
Gayle: 这是我们家的贝贝。
Anthony: Okay it’s your baby, you don’t want to eat that. Okay so for chineseclass101, I am Anthony.
Gayle: 我是Gayle。
Anthony: And go to the website and sign up for your free lifetime subscription. Bye bye.
Gayle: 再见。


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More than half of China's population still lives in the countryside. Hop on a bus and head in any direction out of the city to have your own rural experience.

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Tuesday at 01:09 PM
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Hello William,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately we don't have any resources for the dialect of Shandong.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Team ChineseClass101.com

Tuesday at 08:12 AM
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Is there any resource here specifically for the dialect of Shandong? My mother comes from Weifang in Shandong province.

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Sunday at 01:07 AM
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你好 robert groulx!

不用谢。(Bú yòng xiè.) = No need for thanks. You're welcome. 😇

谢谢 (Xièxie) for studying with us, it's great to have you here!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

雷文特 (Levente)

Team ChineseClass101.com

robert groulx
Friday at 11:15 PM
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thank you for the lesson transcript

favorite phrase is 没错, 今天我们就去看农村的动物吧。


Monday at 12:16 PM
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Unfortunately public sanitation in the countryside isn't up to standards. One of the drawbacks to China's consumption is the accumulation of non recyclable goods that gets thrown to the wayside.

On the flip side, anything that can be recycled such as plastics, cardboard, scrap metal or glass is highly sought. These materials can fetch a small deposit back. In the city, large networks of recyclers roam the streets searching for anything that can be scrapped in order to make a meager living.

Monday at 04:38 AM
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Wow. Was that just a big pile of trash towards the end of the video? No garbagemen in this village?