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Team ChineseClass101.com
Sunday at 07:38 PM
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Hi Sean,

水牛 is Water Buffalo and it doesn't apply to American Buffalo. 犀牛 is different from 水牛, it's Rhinoceros.



Team ChineseClass101.com

Friday at 02:41 PM
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Hello! I am no expert in speaking Chinese but I noticed an inconsistency between the video and the expansion vocab and I wanted to ask about it. I was very excited to recognize the characters for Water Buffalo in the video lesson 水牛 (Water Cow/Buffalo), however in the expansion vocabulary the word for buffalo is written as 犀牛 (according to translator is Rhinoceros?) Could you please clarify, which is the correct definition?

PS: Does 水牛 apply to American Buffalo? I recently learned that these are not true (water) buffalo.. but are, in fact, bison. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Monday at 08:56 AM
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so how come you guys dont post the videos on itunes?

or am i doing something wrong.

even if i check it off in myfeed they still dont come through.

only my lesson notes are showing up for the video