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Lesson Transcript

Start speaking Chinese in minutes and grasp the language, culture and customs in just minutes more with Chinese survival phrases, a completely new way to master the basics of Chinese. To get more Chinese lessons and for free, go to chineseclass101.com and sign up for your free lifetime account. Signing up takes less than a minute and you will find more great lessons just like this one. To get more free Chinese lessons, go to chineseclass101.com
Hey guys, one of the greatest innovations of western culture is the 24-hour convenient store. We all forget to buy things all the time and we don’t realize until all the other shops are closed. This is of course going to happen in China too. So you are going to find yourself late at night looking for one particular thing and not knowing where to buy it. So today we are going to go over again where is and we are going to use the word convenient store or 24-hour store today. The word for convenient store is 便利店(biàn lì diàn), one more time, 便利店(biàn lì diàn). The tones on this are the falling tone, fourth tone three times in a row, fourth tone, fourth tone, fourth tone, 便利店(biàn lì diàn) three fourth tones in a row. You got that guys? This literally means convenient store. 便利(biàn lì) means convenience and 店(diàn) means store. So 便利店(biàn lì diàn) means convenient store. Today’s phrase is, where is the convenient store? 便利店在哪儿(Biànlìdiàn zài nǎr?) The tones are fourth tone, falling tone 便(biàn), fourth tone again 利(lì), one more time fourth tone 店(diàn), another time fourth tone 在(zài) and then last third tone 哪儿(nǎr). So 便利店在哪儿(Biànlìdiàn zài nǎr?) Literally this means convenient store at where. 在(zài) means at or to be somewhere, and 哪儿(nǎr) means where. 便利店在哪儿(Biànlìdiàn zài nǎr?) and we translate this as where is the convenient store. Sometimes you need things late at night. So you need to make sure you are looking for a 24 hour convenient store. The way you say 24-hour store is very straightforward. In Chinese, it is 便利店(biàn lì diàn), 二十四小时店在哪儿(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn zài nǎr?), 二十四小时店(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn). Literally this means 24 hours store. The tones are R, fourth tone, R, 十(shí) second tone, 十(shí), 四(sì) fourth tone, 四(sì), 小(xiǎo) third tone, 小(xiǎo), 时(shí) second tone, 时(shí), 店(diàn) fourth tone, 店(diàn), 二十四小时店(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn). Like I said before, this just means 24 hours store, 二十四(Èr shí sì) means 24, 二十四(Èr shí sì), 小时(xiǎo shí) means hour, 小时(xiǎo shí) and 店(diàn) like we said before means store. So 二十四小时店(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn). Now if you want to use this with the phrase we are talking about before, where is there, we just plug in this new word 二十四小时店(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn) into the phrase 在哪儿(zài nǎr). So right before 在哪儿(zài nǎr) fourth tone, third tone, 在哪儿(zài nǎr), we put in 二十四小时店(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn), so the whole phrase together is 二十四小时店在哪儿(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn zài nǎr?) So to practice the phrase one last time, we will use our old friendly phrase Beijing Station, 北京站(Běijīng zhàn), remember that one? 北京站(Běijīng zhàn), third tone, first tone, fourth tone, 北京站(Běijīng zhàn). So the phrase is 在哪儿(zài nǎr) where is it. So 北京站在哪儿(Běijīng zhàn zài nǎr?) One more time 北京站在哪儿(Běijīng zhàn zài nǎr?) Literally Beijing station at where. So where is Beijing station, 北京站在哪儿(Běijīng zhàn zài nǎr?) and like I said, all you switch is the nouns. So if you want to use any other noun, you can do that. So once you get into the convenient store and you are looking for a particular item, bring your dictionary, look up the way to say that item and then just replace convenient store with the item you are looking for. The item and then 在哪儿(zài nǎr). For example, water, 水(shuǐ), third tone, falling rising tone, 水(shuǐ), one more time, 水(shuǐ), 水在哪儿(Shuǐ zài nǎr?) One more time, 水在哪儿(Shuǐ zài nǎr?) Water at where, where is the water.
All right, to close our today’s lesson, we’d like you to practice what we’ve just learned. I will provide you with the English equivalent of a phrase and you are responsible for shouting it out loud. You will have a few seconds before I give you the answer. So 加油(Jiā yóu!) where is the convenient store, 便利店在哪儿(Biànlìdiàn zài nǎr?) Where is the 24-hour store, 二十四小时店在哪儿(Èrshísì xiǎoshí diàn zài nǎr?) Where is the water, 水在哪儿(Shuǐ zài nǎr?) Where is Beijing station, 北京站在哪儿(Běijīng zhàn zài nǎr?)
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Don't forget to try out Chinese snacks while you're in China! Have you ever tried Chinese snacks?

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你好 robert groulx,

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thank you for ther lesson transcript

(Shuǐ zài nǎr?) Where is Beijing station,


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Hi Everyone,

I just started studying Chinese a couple of months ago. So please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just trying to learn.

I think I found 2 character mistakes in the lesson notes.

Page 5, paragraph 4, 2nd line. Written 那儿 instead of 哪儿.

Page 5, paragraph 6, 2nd and 6th line. Written the character 点 instead of 店.

Thank you :grin:

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Yes, the 7-11s never had slurpees, until the day I left! I got an email from a friend there saying that slurpees had, in fact, come to Taipei. This is awesome for Taiwan's hot humid summer, however I am curious if the 'fear of the cold drink' in Taiwan has reined in its popularity.

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well at the Asian/Chinese market i go to they have waffers

I usually like Moon cake when in season.

I bought some waffers one time that had these spikeball fruit of some kind, it looked interesting But they smelled so bad I couldnt even eat 2 of them. Later found out it was Durian fruit.

I do like most of the snacks ive tried.

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I don't recall whether 7-11 in Taiwan had Slurpees. Amber could tell you.

We stopped by a 7-11 on our return trip from some hot springs outside of Taipei. I seem to recall they had some passable Chinese food, much better

than the junk they serve here in the States.

I'm not big on Slurpee's but I like their Cherry Cokes!

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You're welcome to visit, of course (and we'd love to have you), but the 7-11's here lack the all-important Slurpee. And really, if you don't have Slurpees, aren't you just another Circle-K?

A 7-11 without Slurpees are like birds without wings. What's the point?

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I've never been to Beijing, unless you include the airport.

I've been to Xi-An and didn't see any 7-Elevens there two years ago.

Hopefully I'll make it back. Next time I'd love to visit Beijing and my new friends at CC101!

Wednesday at 11:34 AM
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sorry, i only typed in chinese. i mean, in the mainland of china, we also have many 7-11s, and there are even 2 near my apartment.

and if you come to beijing, you should visit some...:smile: